The [BC]2 Scientific Committees are mostly composed of SIB Members and Group Leaders. The committees' task is to coordinate and develop the scientific programme.

Keynotes, selected presentations and poster sessions

Scientific committee chairs

Scientific committee

  • Pathogens, immune systems and host-pathogen interactions: an arms race with infectious agents
  • Population genomics in human health: connecting genotypes to phenotypes
  • Cancer biology and precision medicine: deepening our understanding towards tailored treatments
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision: expanding the bioinformatics toolkit
  • Spatiotemporal gene expression dynamics and single-cell approaches: zooming in to better scale up
  • Evolutionary dynamics and ecology: where organisms, time and space interplay

Tutorials & workshops

Scientific committee

ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum

Programme committee

  • Valérie Barbié (Group Leader, SIB Clinical Bioinformatics Group, Geneva)
  • Marie Dangles (Director of Communications, People & Culture, SIB, Lausanne)
  • Dominik Glinz (Real World Data Scientist, Roche Pharma Schweiz AG, Basel)
  • Franziska Gruhl (Scientific Events Manager, SIB, Lausanne)
  • Katharina Lauer (ELIXIR Industry Officer, Cambridge - UK)
  • Sabine Österle (Team Lead Data Interoperability, SIB Personalized Health Informatics Group and SPHN, Basel)
  • Daniel Stekhoven (Group Leader, NEXUS Personalized Health Technologies, SIB and ETH Zurich, Zurich)

Organisation and communication

[BC]2 is organised by SIB's Communications & Scientific Events Team.

  • Marie Dangles (Director of Communications, People & Culture, SIB, Lausanne)
  • Maïa Berman (Communications Manager, SIB, Lausanne)
  • Elsa Dubar (Communications Officer, SIB, Lausanne)
  • Franziska Gruhl (Scientific Events Manager, SIB, Lausanne)
  • Solange Guye (Events Manager, SIB, Lausanne)