Keeping you safe while you are enjoying the conference is one of our highest priorities. Following the Swiss and cantonal guidelines, we have developed a COVID-19 protection plan aiming to reduce the risk of infection at [BC]2 as much as possible.

Vaccinated, recovered or tested negative

What should I bring to participate in [BC]2?

To participate in [BC]2 on-site, you need to be either vaccinated, have recovered from a recent COVID-19 infection or be tested negative for COVID-19.

  • I’m vaccinated – what should I bring to [BC]2
    If you are vaccinated (2nd dose needs to be received at least two weeks prior the conference beginning), you need to bring your vaccination certificate. The vaccine needs to be authorised in Switzerland and the vaccination needs to be completed.
    Further information on the certificate’s format and which vaccines are accepted by Switzerland can be found here.

  • I recovered from a recent COVID-19 infection, but I’m not vaccinated – what should I bring to [BC]2
    A “recent” COVID-19 infection is defined as COVID-19 infection that did occur no longer than 180 days prior [BC]2, but was confirmed by a positive PCR test result at least 11 days before [BC]2. If this is the case for you, and if you don’t have any symptoms anymore and are not vaccinated, you need to bring a copy of the PCR test or your COVID-19 certificate to prove the past infection.

  • I’m not yet vaccinated, and I did not have a recent COVID-19 infection – what should I bring to [BC]2
    In case you are neither vaccinated, nor were sick of COVID-19, you need to do a PCR test (not older than 48h) or rapid antigen test (not older than 48h) to participate. The test has to be negative to participate in the conference and a confirmation of the negative test results needs to be brought for the registration.

  • I’m not vaccinated, did not have a recent COVID-19 infection and I don’t have a negative test – what should I do? 
    In this case, you cannot participate in [BC]on-site. If you wish to participate on-site, we thus highly recommend that you take appropriate measures to get either vaccinated or tested negative.
    Online participation will be possible at any time (registration page).

Swiss and European COVID Certificates 

In Switzerland and the EU, officially COVID Certificates are issued integrating the information on whether you are vaccinated, recovered or tested negative for COVID-19. These certificates are valid in printed and digital format, and are also integrated into the COVID Certificate App. For more information on the COVID Certificate, please have a look here

[BC]2 Participants from abroad 

Please bring an official document (in an EU Language or English), issued from your country of residence or in Switzerland, to prove that you are either vaccinated, have recovered or were tested negative.

Frequently asked questions on how to enter Switzerland during the COVID-19 pandemic are addressed here.

The COVID Certificate App

We highly recommend that all participants install the COVID Certificate App when participating at [BC]2. This will: 

  • make the COVID control at the beginning of the conference quicker, 
  • and in case you need to get tested on Tuesday, allow to directly upload your test results to your phone. 

The Swiss COVID Certificate App is available for download from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Huawei AppGallery

Control of your COVID Certificate

Following the official guidelines, we need to control your certificate each morning before you enter the conference centre. For this control, you need to bring: 

  • Your certificate (printed, digital format or via the COVID Certificate App) 
  • A valid ID 

After the control, you will have access to all sessions and social events of the day without any restrictions.

Getting tested

On Monday and Tuesday morning (13 and 14 September), we are providing the possibility to get directly tested at the congress centre with a rapid-antigen test. These tests are free-of-charge and are primarily for participants who are not vaccinated. If enough places are available, vaccinated participants can also get tested. 

Taking an appointment to get tested
Interested participants need to take a testing appointment via the "appointment app", which we will share with all participants by email in the week prior [BC]2. If you are interested in taking the test, please create your covid-pass by clicking on this linkYou will get a barcode per mail that you have to show at the test station to get tested. You will  receive your test results and an official COVID Certificate on the email address you provided. Each test takes 3 minutes and you will have your results approximately 15-20 minutes later. Please take this into account when scheduling your test: if you want to join a session at 9:15, you should be on-site not after 8:30.

Testing hours

  • Monday 13 September, 7:30 – 9:30 at the Conference Centre
  • Tuesday 14 September, 7:30 – 9:30 at the Conference Centre

When taking your test before or during [BC]2, please be aware of the test's durability: if - for example - you are doing a PCR test on Saturday (11 September), your test will not be valide anymore for Monday evening. You will thus have to redo a test on Monday and Tuesday morning to be sure that you are covered throughout the conference.

If you need to do a test on Wednesday (15 September), feel free to make an appointment with one of the following pharmacies close to the conference centre: 

Further institutions providing corona testing in Basel are listed here.

Distancing, masks and disinfectants

Distancing and masks 

In areas where participants are grouped for longer time, such as the entrance and registration area, waiting lines will be indicated. Masks are compulsory at all time. In the lecture halls themselves, we recommend leaving a free seat between your neighbour and you if possible.


Hand washing areas and hand disinfection will be installed and we recommend that you make use of them on a regular base. 

All objects, surfaces, touchscreens and common areas (e.g. counters, cloak room, speaker’s table) are disinfected and cleaned several times a day. Microphones for speakers are cleaned after each use.  

Special rules for the University of Basel (Tutorials & Workshops)

Protective masks need to be worn throughout the whole event. The distance of 1.5m from person to person needs to be respected whenever possible. 

What to do if you develop symptoms?

What should I do if I develop symptoms or get a positive test during the conference? 

If you are developing COVID-19 symptoms during the conference, please go to the registration desk to get immediately in touch with the organisers. If you are not in the congress centre, let us know by email.

If you are tested positive during the conference with a rapid test, you won’t be able to access the conference and you need to confirm this result with a PCR test right away. Until you get the results of your PCR test, you need to stay in quarantine. If the PCR test is positive, then the cantonal authorities will contact you to trace your contacts.

General information on the COVID-19 situation in Switzerland

For more information on the COVID-19 situation in Switzerland and under which conditions you can enter Switzerland, please have a look here: 

If you have any question or doubt, please contact us at