The [BC]2 Scientific Committee is mostly composed of SIB Members and Group Leaders. The committees' task is to coordinate and develop the scientific programme.

Scientific Committee Core Team (SCCT)

Scientific Committee Core Team (SCCT)

The SCCT plans and decides on the scientific content of the conference. It recruits and coordinates the session chairs. The team is composed of SIB Members:

Zoltán Kutalik, chair (Unisanté/UNIL, Lausanne)

Katja Bärenfaller (Molecular Allergology Group, SIAF (University of Zurich), Davos

David Gfeller (Computational Cancer Biology Group, UNIL, Lausanne)

Patricia Palagi (Head of Training, SIB, Lausanne)

Session Chairs

  • Dynamics of immune processes: from responses to pathogens to immunotherapy
    • Marija Buljan ( Empa - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
      St. Gallen )
    • Adrian Egli (Institute of Medical Microbiology, University of Zurich)
    • Session coordinator: Katja Bärenfaller

  • Deciphering ecology and evolution with creative genomics approaches 
    • Roman Arguello (Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne)
    • Claudia Bank (Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Unibe, Bern)
    • Session Coordinator: Zoltán Kutalik

  • ML algorithms for advancing spatial biology 
    • Maria Brbic (Assistant Professor in computer science at EPFL, Lausanne)
    • Raphael Gottardo  (Translational Data Science, CHUV, Lausanne)
    • Session Coordinator: Zoltán Kutalik

  • Precision medicine: harnessing big data for cancer and other complex diseases 
    • Valentina Boeva (Computational Epigenetics of Cancer, ETH, Zurich)
    • Charlotte Ng (Oncogenomics, University of Bern)
    • Session Coordinator: David Gfeller

  • Proteins in 3D: the dynamics of protein structures and their interactions
    • Xavier Deupi (Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen)
    • Torsten Schwede (Computational Structural Biology Group, University of Basel)
    • Session Coordinator: Katja Bärenfaller

  • Single-cell approaches: dissecting cellular heterogeneity across multiple modalities
    • Santiago Carmona (Ludwig Centre for Cancer Research, UNIL, Epalinges)
    • Marianna Rapsomaniki (AI for single-cell research group, IBM Research Zurich)
    • Session Coordinator: David Gfeller

Tutorials & workshops

Evaluation Committee:

  • Patricia Palagi (Head of Training, SIB, Lausanne)
  • Aiswarya Prasad, PhD candidate, SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and the Department of Fundamental Microbiology of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Tülay Karakulak, PhD candidate, SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and Institute of Molecular Cancer Research of the University of Zurich, Switzerland

Special session on Industry-academia collaborations

Evaluation Committee:

  • Madiha Derouazi, CEO at Speransa Therapeutics
  • Vincent Zoete, Group Leader, Molecular Modelling, Computer-aided Molecular Engineering, Ludwig Centre for Cancer Research, UNIL, Epalinges

Organization and communication

The [BC]2 is organized by SIB's Communications & Scientific Events Team:

  • Elsa Dubar (Communications & Event Manager)
  • Solange Guye (Scientific Events Manager)

with the help of the rest of the team:

  • Maïa Berman (Team Lead Communications)
  • Marie Dangles (‪Director, External & Internal Relations)
  • Sylvie Flegel (Communications Officer)
  • Victor Kouassi (Communications Manager)
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