Congratulations to Anastasia Sveshnikova (Software Developer at SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics), who won the first [BC]2 Artwork Prize! The prize was presented by Katrin Arnold, site head at Roche who sponsored the prize. The theme this year was "Visions of the future in bioinformatics: Imagine your work in 2043".

"Bionauts of the life science data: expanding the horizons of biocomputation" 

From Anastasia Sveshnikova: 

"This artwork, titled "Bionauts of the life science data: expanding the horizons of biocomputation" symbolizes the incredible journey that bioinformatics is embarking upon. It portrays the convergence of cutting-edge technology and the boundless universe of biological knowledge. We witness a future bioinformatician within the quantum computation control booth, surrounded by the vast data center storing a wealth of biological data. The AI assistant on the left, resembling a digital genie, signifies the harmonious integration of artificial intelligence into our research endeavors.
This artwork, in essence, conveys the following message: the study of biology of tomorrow will require infrastructure and capabilities comparable to the grand observatories of astronomy. Just as astronomers rely on telescopes to explore the cosmos, future bioinformaticians will depend on cutting-edge technology and sprawling data centers to decode genetic intricacies, proteomic landscapes, and cellular functions.
From my perspective as a practitioner in the field of Systems Biology and a software developer at Swiss-Prot, I engage daily with biological data, striving to make it more accessible and understandable. I see the untapped potential within this vast sea of biological information, much like the mysteries that await our exploration in the cosmos."

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