Call for Tutorial Proposals

The [BC]2 Basel Computational Biology Conference will feature a one-day workshop / tutorial session on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, as part of the official conference program.

The purpose of the tutorial program is to provide participants with lectures or practical training covering topics relevant to the bioinformatics field. It offers participants an opportunity to learn about new areas of bioinformatics research, to get an introduction to important established concepts, or to develop advanced skills in areas they are already familiar with.

This call is an invitation for scientists and professionals working in the fields of bioinformatics and computational biology to submit proposals for high-quality workshops and tutorials for the [BC]2 conference. Previous tutorials have covered, for instance, “Working with next-generation sequencing data”, “Computational and statistical mass spectrometry-based proteomics”, “Methods and applications for regulatory sequence analysis”, and “Protein structure validation”.

Tutorials are scheduled on Tuesday, September 12, from 9:00 to 17:00, with a lunch break and two coffee breaks.


Key Dates

November 2016


Call for tutorial proposals

15 January 2017


Proposal submission deadline

15 February 2017


Tutorial acceptance notification

12 March 2017


Program abstract due

1  April 2017


Complete tutorial program due

12. September 2017


Tutorial at [BC]2 conference, 9:00 - 17:00


Proposal Submission

Tutorial proposals should not exceed 2 pages and must include a detailed description of the tutorial (motivation, expected goals, level, schedule, intended audience and possible prerequisites) and a brief CV of the instructor(s) with relevant qualifications and teaching experience. A maximum of two presenters is recommended.

An evaluation committee will consider the following criteria in assessing proposals: relevance to [BC]2 conference attendees, educational experience of the lecturers, effectiveness of the proposed approach, as well as completeness, clarity, and quality of the proposal.

Please note that tutorial attendees often consider the presenters’ reputation and standing when choosing particular sessions. It is consequently expected that the presenters listed on the submitted proposal will present their tutorials. Please submit proposals in PDF format to <>.



[BC]2 conference will help in the administrative aspects of assigning the rooms, announcements, printing of the tutorial materials, and participant registrations. Each tutorial will be provided with up to two free conference registrations for speakers.

Organizers should provide slides and possible reference material in PDF format, which will be made available to the meeting participants for download on the conference website. In addition, the conference can prepare photocopied handouts of up to 50 pages (b/w) for each tutorial participant including copies of slides and tutorial outlines or explanations (deadline for submission of documents for printing: 25 August 2017). Copies of relevant articles and book chapters published by the tutors cannot replace the text material of the handout. They may be distributed as Supplementary Information provided copyright permission from publishers was granted.

Tutorial organizers are expected to operate within the context of [BC]2 conference procedures, including finalizing the program and providing materials by the deadlines, working within the budget, etc. [BC]2 conference reserves the right to cancel a scheduled tutorial if registration one month before the conference is less than 10 participants.


Note that organizers are responsible for ensuring that the material they submit for download and photocopying may be legally used, and that appropriate copyright permissions have been arranged. Lecturers will grant copyright to tutorial materials to the [BC]2 conference for a period to extend from acceptance through December 2017, and they agree that their material may be made available in any form by the conference to [BC]2 conference participants.


For more information please contact <>.