Call for Conference Poster Abstracts

Titel and authors of posters submitted before the early registration deadline (20 August) will be published in the conference booklet. Title and authors of poster submitted after the early registration deadline will be published only on-line on the conference website: Accepted posters.

Based on experience from previous events, poster sessions are one of the most important aspects of the conference. Several collaborations have resulted from the informal discussions held at these sessions. Posters, representing condensed descriptions of ongoing work, will be displayed during the meeting. [BC]2 therefore invites all meeting particpants to contribute to the conference by exhibiting a poster.

After registration for the conference , you will receive an invitation to submit a poster abstract online.

Posters should describe original, interesting, and solid scientific content that is relevant to bioinformatics and computational biology. Poster abstract submissions will be reviewed continously; authors will be notified about acceptance typically 2-3 weeks after submission. The poster abstract should be max. 250 words and will be included in the electronic conference program and posted on the conference web site. We will attempt to accept as many posters as possible, subject to space restrictions. Each poster will have a space of 1 meter wide by 1.5 meters tall (39 x 59 inches). The conference will provide material for hanging posters.

Posters are intended to convey scientific results and are not advertisements. Please note that advertisements for products or commercial services etc. can not be accepted as scientific posters. Please contact the organizers for sponsoring and exhibition, and technology presentation opportunities. By submitting a poster abstract, you confirm that the poster is based on your own work, and that all co-authors agree with the content of the abstract and poster. After submission, you will receive a confirmation email with the data you have submitted. Please note that the abstract can not be changed or edited after submission.