Tweetiquette and Multimedia Policy

Here are some simple guidelines about multimedia policy at [BC]2:

Twitter Hashtag

The official hashtag for tweeting from the Basel Computational Biology Conference is #bc2basel

Oral presentations

Tweeting and blogging from oral presentations is encouraged - unless the speaker explicitly disagrees.

@Speakers: If you do not want to be cited by your audience in tweets and blogs, please clearly state this explictly at the beginning of your talk.

@Twitters and bloggers: Please do respect the wish of the speaker.

Poster presentations

[BC]2 considers poster presentations as "personal communication".

@Twitters and bloggers: Please do not tweet photos of posters without the explicit consent of the author.

Video Recordings

Any form of video recoding by partcipants is not permitted throught the scientific part of the conference, recoding during social events and off-site activities is OK.