[Basel Computational Biology Conference 2005]

[BC]2 2005
  Poster inspired by:
Jean Tinguely
Fatamorgana, Meta-Harmonie IV, 1985
Courtesy of Museum Tinguely Basel
   Biological Systems in silico

Third Basel Computational Biology Conference:

"Biological Systems in silico"

Biozentrum, University of Basel
March 17& 18, 2005




Systems Biology has been one of the most widely discussed topics over the last year in life sciences, especially here in Basel. The third Basel Computational Biology Conference will address computational aspects of Systems Biology: How can computational simulations further our understanding of complex biological systems? What experimental data is needed for these simulations? How does computational systems biology interact with "traditional" bioinformatics? What applications are emerging in the fields of basic research, drug development or biotech industry?

High profile speakers from the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and the biotech industry discuss their first-hand experience in this symposium.


The objective of this yearly meeting is to bring together like minded individuals and companies interested in the field of computational biology. The main goal of the conference is to provide a platform for informal communication and fruitful discussion between speakers and participants. To review previous [BC]2 conferences, see: [2003] [2004].



Organized and supported by

Biozentrum, Uni Basel Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Friedrich Miescher Institute Novartis Ajilon